September 5, 2021

Momentary lapse of reason….

Well, I guess this isn’t a big surprise. Some time back while searching for a WordPress theme, I selected the “Photo-Diary by Sitko-Designing”. It wasn’t perfect, but I knew less than nothing about WordPress, and Photo Diary provided the look I was wanting. Mostly. The individual lack of font control was a pain, but that was resolved via a plug-in and life went on.   And then WordPress introduced the Block Editor. Photo-Diary started doing some interesting things, the most painful of which was eliminating whitespace between paragraphs. A quick e-mail to the author produced a shoulder shrug reaction in that he wasn’t planning on updating Photo-Diary to work with…

June 26, 2021

Saturday Meanderings

It wasn’t much of a photo week this week, so we’re going to turn back time and present some imagery from the first instance of RAW image collection, in this instance with the Olympus E-10. As we’ve discussed, the E-10 showed up about 2003 and as a faithful disciple of DPReview, the E-10 was fairly well thought of at the time. This was before the landmark introduction of the Nikon D100 which kicked the “prosumer level DLSR niche firmly into gear. The E-10, brought a lot of positive attributes. It was referred to by DPReview, and other as a ZLR (Zoom Lens Reflex) camera as the lens was not interchangeable….

May 15, 2021

Farewell, dahlin’

So after my experiences at Katie’s Cars and Coffees, I felt confident that finding Jessica a new home would be straightforward. A day or so went by, and I had not heard from the young man I had spoke with at Katie’s. so I went about the process of listing her for sale on a couple of venue’s. The first was Craigslist. I’ve never listed car for sale there, but I bought Jessica from an add placed there, albeit, 9 years ago. I got all my photos set up in an album on Google Photos, and built my ad which included a link to the album. Of course, Craigllist complained…