September 5, 2021

Momentary lapse of reason….

Well, I guess this isn’t a big surprise. Some time back while searching for a WordPress theme, I selected the “Photo-Diary by Sitko-Designing”. It wasn’t perfect, but I knew less than nothing about WordPress, and Photo Diary provided the look I was wanting. Mostly. The individual lack of font control was a pain, but that was resolved via a plug-in and life went on. And then WordPress introduced the Block Editor. Photo-Diary started doing some interesting things, the most painful of which was eliminating whitespace between paragraphs. A quick e-mail to the author produced a shoulder shrug reaction in that he wasn’t planning on updating Photo-Diary to work with the…

June 26, 2021

Saturday Meanderings

It wasn’t much of a photo week this week, so we’re going to turn back time and present some imagery from the first instance of RAW image collection, in this instance with the Olympus E-10. As we’ve discussed, the E-10 showed up about 2003 and as a faithful disciple of DPReview, the E-10 was fairly well thought of at the time. This was before the landmark introduction of the Nikon D100 which kicked the “prosumer level DLSR niche firmly into gear. The E-10, brought a lot of positive attributes. It was referred to by DPReview, and other as a ZLR (Zoom Lens Reflex) camera as the lens was not interchangeable….

May 15, 2021

Farewell, dahlin’

So after my experiences at Katie’s Cars and Coffees, I felt confident that finding Jessica a new home would be straightforward. A day or so went by, and I had not heard from the young man I had spoke with at Katie’s. so I went about the process of listing her for sale on a couple of venue’s. The first was Craigslist. I’ve never listed car for sale there, but I bought Jessica from an add placed there, albeit, 9 years ago. I got all my photos set up in an album on Google Photos, and built my ad which included a link to the album. Of course, Craigllist complained…

May 2, 2021


With the housing transition behind us, YAY!, the next chapter in this saga is Jessica. To refresh, this is Jessica: She’s named after Jessica Rabbit: “I’m not bad, I was drawn this way”… Love that movie BTW. But, I digress. After much deliberation, it’s been decided that we will give someone else the pleasure of enjoying Jessica’s manifold benefits. The reasons are many: Space. The house in Reston provided for ample space for the three cars. Jessica and the MDX in the garage with Pilotto living outside. Unfortunately, here we have no such luxury. With all the “stuff” in the garage, there is only space for one car. Currently Jessica,…

January 18, 2021

Just another day in the neighborhood

So this week saw us continuing the “repackaging” of the house prior to calling a realtor to list it for sale. We boxed up a bunch of stuff in the closets of the downstairs bedrooms, and moved a goodly number of the bins out of the closets to reduce the clutter. One of the decisions made last weekend was to get rid of the album collection. There are 4 boxes of LP’s (Long Playing Recording) consisting of some 270+ albums that were boxed up in the clean up after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Yes, the last time these things saw the light of day was some 15+ years ago. Time…