April 15, 2023

Yorktown Battlefield

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Melanie and I decided to spend New Years in Williamsburg getting to know our new “home town”. I used some Hilton points to book a room at the Embassy Suites in Williamsburg. All in all, if I’m honest, I can’t recommend this facility. We have stayed here a couple of times and it’s just not particularly well maintained. We have never been there where both elevators were working, and as the facility was very crowded this made getting to/from the room a bit of a challenge.

After doing the touristy thing for a bit, we decided to go to Yorktown Battlefield and have a lookie see. Taking the Colonial National Historic Parkway, which in an of itself is a “National Park”, we got there to a rainy dreary day in the mid afternoon. While I had brought literally all the cameras with us on the trip, on this day all I had was the Fuji X100f.

We entered the welcome center, and it’s kind of a strange deal where there is an honor system in that you are supposed to pay to drive around the facility even though there are no gates or other impediments to entry. The Parkway is the same way. I’ve read some people whining on the internet about stopping to take pictures, and then the park police asking them to pay an admission fee.

In any event I have my handy-dandy old timers lifetime park pass, it was easy peasy. The pass has just about paid for itself in about a year. Awesome!

We walked around the visitors center a bit, used the “facilities”, got a map and then headed out. Finding an online map was a bit of a challenge as it seems like the desire is for you to install an app on your phone. Anyway, I found this one which shows the park.

I was going to post our Google Timeline for the drive, but as best I can tell Sergey and Brin went to sleep as it didn’t capture our drive.

We started at the Visitor Center and did both routes, first the roads indicated in red, and then those indicated in brown-ish.

There are 54 images in this collection, but I’m going to neck it down to a few with the remaining being here.

This was the entrance to the cemetery shown in the map.

Many of the gravestones had coins on them. Don’t know why.

This was one of the “redoubts” shown on the map. These are protection embankments build into the terrain. These are obvious rebuilt and some of them had fences around as I’m sure someone decided to climb on them and mayhem ensued.

A nice shot of the York river

Moore House

Crossing one of the many bridges on the western loop.

We came across these two ladies on our way out of the park. They were having a great day, as were we.

So, kind friends, that’s all for Yorktown Battlefield. Please be sure to leave your comments, and just remember, they will be moderated!