September 24, 2023

Stage One


Everything was scheduled for the movers to load up the trucks on Friday and then drive down Saturday morning and unload.

And then Ophelia entered the picture. My son sent me a rather panicky text asking if I had seen the weather reports. Well, yes, but no.

So doing an in-depth analysis, an executive decision was made to do the loading on Friday as planned and then unload on Monday morning. Based upon the weather reports, the storm should be well clear by then.

On Wednesday, I called the movers and they were completely oblivious to the potential of 4″-6″ in Williamsburg… So I asked if we could push delivery back to Monday, which is what we had planned from the start.. Go figure. We confirmed the change and Melanie and I went back to packing up.

On Friday, 2 trucks showed up with no less than 9 people to load up. They arrived at 9:00 a.m. and were done by noon.

Melanie and I did a little bit of straightening up, put the two cars in the garage, and headed to El Paso for lunch.

After lunch, we got to Meghan’s, unloaded our suitcase, and then went and had a nice luxurious nap. Both of of were exhausted. I honestly don’t know how we would have been able to drive down to Williamsburg that afternoon, so it was good we changed plans.

Yesterday, on Saturday, we went to the townhouse and got everything cleaned up ready for the carpet cleaners, exterminators and maids coming next week. I loaded up the car with stuff to go to the house and we went back to Meghan’s.

Today should be rather low key. We have tickets to Echo presented by Cirque du Soleil. My son’s in-laws, who we have become quite good friends with, are meeting us there for the show.

The weather is clearing out, so the drive down to Williamsburg after the show “should” be relatively painless. I say should as you never know what surprises await you on I-95.

We’ll unload the cars tonite, as I don’t want SUV’s full of boxes sitting in a hotel parking lot, and then it’s up early in the morning to meet the movers.

The next post should be post-move in. We are very anxious and can’t wait to get this phase behind us.

Take care,

written by Chris - Posted in Yapping