May 8, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day

Good morning to all and Happy Mother’s day to the wonderful mothers out there. The mothers in our society don’t get the gratitude we should all be paying for their tireless efforts in leading the transition from birth to adulthood. It’s a difficult, herculean task, yet they handle it with aplomb and grace, mostly…. 🙂 Typically there would be a plethora of happy mother’s day photo’s to accompany this post…. Typically…. If I had any….. H’mmm, major fail there dude. MAJOR FAIL….. 🙁 This is rather embarrassing. The image catalog has photos of virtually EVERY event in our lives, except Mother Day. Wow, Simply wow. So, today I’ll make a…

December 28, 2021


So we got a wild hair and decided to go to Williamsburg for two reasons; our 40th anniversary; and to get more familiar with the area. We booked a room at the Williamsburg Whitehouse, loaded up the car and hit the road. Instead of the dreaded I-95, we decided to take the local route and drive Highway 1 down to Williamsburg. It’s a bit out of the way and definitely a longer drive, but it’s decidedly less stressful than I-95 to I-64. We arrived in the afternoon, checked into the hotel, and then headed to Food for Thought for dinner. The restaurant business is Williamsburg is struggling a bit with…

December 5, 2021

Quick update

I know you have been sitting next to your computer in utter anticipation of when the site issues would get resolved and I would start posting wonderful photos again. LOL, right….. Anyway, I’m pretty certain that I’m going to use one of the base WordPress themes, specifically Twenty Twenty-One, and then tweak it to suit my desires via add-ins and CSS. So, I’ll clean up all the posts to display nicely before I start tweaking, and then jump into the CSS pool. This means that I can also start posting again, as none of the modifications I’m postulating will affect the posts, other than formatting. I know you are over…

March 13, 2021

Keep on, keepin’ on

The last week has been a blur, as you might expect. Who knew it was possible to cram this much “stuff” into a not particularly large house? Well, I guess it’s bigger than we realized… LOL! The reality is, the townhouse we rented, which advertised as being 2,400 square feet, is appreciably smaller than this house, and arranged completely different. So, it’s been a major purge in a frenzied attempt to be ready for when the movers show up on the 23rd. Rob and Meghan came over on Tuesday to take the tools he wanted back to their house. While he had the truck here, we took to the opportunity…

February 28, 2021

Movin’, movin’, movin’, keep them doggies movin’….

Well, missed another week. It’s not like we’re sitting on the veranda sipping a mint julep. We don’t have a veranda, but that’s another story. The last two weeks have genuinely been a blur. Once all the administrivia of the house sale and townhouse rental was resolved, and there was plenty of that, the ginormity of the situation began to descend. MOVE. ALL. OUR. STUFF….. This posting is going to seem a bit all over the place as my mind is going about 300 mile/shour trying to work through how we will do all this. CALM….. DOWN….. Geeze. Well, this brings forth the adage, “How do you eat an Elephant?…

February 14, 2021

Exit Right

Sorry I missed last weekend. Really no excuse as we weren’t doing much. So after the last entry was posted the Agent called on Sunday night to ask if we could move the listing of the house up from February 10th to February 4th. Melanie and I had jumped through our ears getting the house ready for photos, so it was in pretty good shape, mostly. I told the Realtor that there were a couple of little things to attend to, but the house looked pretty good. He relayed that the level of interest in the house was tremendous and he was wanting not to miss it, so we agreed….