December 5, 2021

Quick update

I know you have been sitting next to your computer in utter anticipation of when the site issues would get resolved and I would start posting wonderful photos again.

LOL, right…..

Anyway, I’m pretty certain that I’m going to use one of the base WordPress themes, specifically Twenty Twenty-One, and then tweak it to suit my desires via add-ins and CSS.

So, I’ll clean up all the posts to display nicely before I start tweaking, and then jump into the CSS pool.

This means that I can also start posting again, as none of the modifications I’m postulating will affect the posts, other than formatting. I know you are over the moon looking forward to getting a glimpse of my “spectacular” photos!

Hopefully, don’t you love that word, things will be all copasetic by the New Year. Wow, doobs, your vocabulary has expanded….

Until now, I’ve chosen this to be a one sided dialog. Kinda like the one you have with your wife’s Aunt before the first coffee in the morning. Methinks that will change to allow comments here. We’ll see how it works out.

So, please come by and visit from time to time. Hopefully, there’s that word again, you will see the formatting improve to something notable as we move into the future.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Holidays!

written by Chris - Posted in News