December 23, 2021

Making Headway!

So, the Twenty Twenty-One theme “seems” to be the keeper. There are a number of customizer add-ins available which I think will get me where I want. Yay.

You might see the formatting change a bit while I experiment. Don’t be surprised if an ugly green pastel background makes it’s appearances, at least for brief periods of time.

Chances are, I’ll turn on commenting, you too will be able to participate in the sausage making exercise.

I’ll most likely make a post or two in the next couple of days. There has been a goodly things going on in our lives, both photographic and not.

In years past, I’ve crafted an e-mail to send out to a plethora of folks on Christmas morning. This year, I’ll make a post here and then refer folks to the post.

Take care

written by Chris - Posted in Yapping