July 25, 2021


We’re still living in the past here today, and this post hearkens back to 2003. We had discovered the Renaissance Festival, held in the booming metropolis of Robert, LA the year before and had decided to make it an annual family tradition. The Friday after Thanksgiving would be our Renfest day and this particular instance on November 28, 2003 was the first in a long series of visits for us. As last time, these are/were raw images taken with the Olympus E-10. We got to the grounds, parked the car and entered the self described “Royal Village of Albright” as shown below in the map from around 2006: We collected…

July 18, 2021

Trip to Fort Pike circa 2003

In the early ought’s, Melanie and I were Masters of our local cub scout troop. Predominantly done to give Jourdan the opportunity to be a cub scout, it was a very rewarding experience in working with these young people providing support in their journey to adulthood. When we first started, the troop numbered nearly ten, but over the years it dwindled down to just a couple. Don’t honestly know the cause, but we maintained as honestly, we enjoyed doing it. Typically we would organize some sort of field trip for the youngsters, which is the focus of this post. In early fall of 2003, we took a trip to Fort…

July 5, 2021

4th of July in Fairfax City

In the spring we moved to a townhouse in Fairfax City, VA after selling our long time home in Reston. Scroll back a few posts and you can read all the gory details. With the summer season firmly among us, we have been having the opportunity to get familiar with Fairfax City, and it’s becoming a very comfortable place for us. We wound here by shear happenstance, but I’ll take serendipity whenever I can get it. Fairfax City has proven, to me at least, to be a small town jammed into a large metropolitan area. In doing so, it’s managed to keep it’s character and the feel is very warm….