August 18, 2023

All things WordPress

So, some time back, I stumbled across the template that I’m using for this site is Photo-Diary by Mark Sitco. If you’ve been following along, firstly my apologies, but secondly you will have noticed that I’ve tried some other themes, but eventually gave up and came back to Photo Diary.

The downside to all this is Photo-Diary has been abandoned and it’s been over 2 years since it was updated. And it’s beginning to show. For good or for bad, WordPress is evolving and Photo Diary is becoming less and less compatible. Sigh.

Amongst the other things going on in my life right now, I REALLY didn’t want to add refactoring the website to the list….

I chose Photo-Diary predominantly because it had very few options for menus and such. The formatting was easily enough tweaked to my desire, but the layout was exactly what I wanted, clean and simple.

Some time back I had to apply some custom CSS to the template so that it would add a modicum of whitespace between the paragraphs.

So, what I’m saying is I’m now “officially” on the hunt for a new blog template. If you have any thoughts send me an e-mail. You know the drill, my name at the website address. I’m certain you can figure it out!

thanks for your patience and understanding while this is ongoing.