August 16, 2023

Fairfax Cemetery

A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed the Fuji X100f and headed out for a walk to the Fairfax Cemetery. I’ve walked through the cemetery a couple of times before, but this trip was solely for photographic purposes.

It prolly wasn’t the ideal day for photography as it was very bright and sunny that day. I’m fond of dark, contrasty imagery, and that can be a challenge in the bright sunlight. Oh well.

The cemetery is about a mile away on the other side of the Fairfax Courthouse. An interesting factoid about the Fairfax Courthouse is this is where the infamous Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial was conducted. Don’t ask me why. I wasn’t even aware of the activity until I had gone out for one of my walks around town and there were a plethora of people on the grounds in front of the courthouse. There were young people milling around on virtually every corner hoping to get a “Johnny Sighting“. It was surreal. I’m guessing no one paid any attention to the reports that the participants in the suit were escorted into and out of the courthouse through the service entrance.

I managed to grab this photo of the media presence on one of my walks;

Walking down Chain Bridge, I walked through the Court House grounds, literally across the grass you see above past the Post Office to the cemetery.

As there are no entrances at the south end of the cemetery, I crossed over the barrier and began walking around.

I’ve whittled this down to just a couple of notable images. The whole “shebang” can be seen here.

This quite scene was tucked in behind some trees. Very serene and peaceful. Just the place for some quiet contemplation.

This poor little cherub was just sitting here all forlorn.

There are a plethora of these obelisks throughout the cemetery. I’ve never seen a cemetery where they were as common place as this one . Would love to know the history here.

These stones have obviously been repaired. Vandals?

More obelisks.

More repaired head stones….

This memorial was far different than anything else in the facility. Highly detailed, and interesting.

A couple of interesting things came to mind as I departed the facility.

  • A goodly percentage (25%) of the memorials were for folks who had passed away at an early age.
  • The central obelisk in the cemetery was a memorial the type of which has become politically incorrect. I purposely did not include photos of it here.

Departing the cemetery, I headed up Main street to Chain Bridge.

Obviously, a funeral home was directly outside the entrance to the cemetery.

This poor place has been in this state since before we moved to Fairfax some 2 1/2 years ago.

Some shots of the old court house complex.

The Jail House

Walking down Chain Bridge, the old Court House buildings, now home of Fairfax County’s Social Services.

Across the street, the obligatory Legal Offices.

At this point, the battery gave up the ghost. No great issue as I was almost home at this juncture.

I do need to revisit the cemetery before we bug out. Preferably on a dark and gloomy day. Bring some drama into the equation.

Interestingly enough, my motivation for blogging has waned a bit since the great “retirement“. Don’t quite know why, and I’m definitely not going to engage in a prolonged navel-grazing episode to discovery why, at least at this juncture.

Back in July, my wonderful children had bought tickets to the Allegheny Special as a retirement gift. We’ll have a look see at that next time!