May 31, 2023

Fairfax Classic Car Show

The City of Fairfax, the town we live in, is an interesting community. Once upon a time it was small out of the way hamlet isolated from the hubbub of the WMA. Nowadays, urban sprawl has encompassed Fairfax and it acts a thoroughfare through which people travel getting back and forth to work.

Saying that, it’s been a pleasant place to live the 2+ years we have been here. Fairfax still is operated as a small town and presents a large number of annual events, many of which we have taken part in.

The subject of today’s post is the annual Fairfax Antique Car Show held on May 20th. We had invited Tim and Terry (with Ryan of course) to join us for the show and were going to have a nice visit with them after with the obligatory grilling of the bird. Unfortunately, they had just returned from a nice vacay out west, and brought Mr. CV19 home with them. The case(s) were minor, but the interesting fact was the last time I had invited them to a car show, the Labor Day Car Show, Ryan was the happy recipient of Mr. CV19 and they had to wave off. I’m going to have to stop inviting them to car shows as they get COVID every time… 🙂

Anyway, I left the house at 10:00, the appointed show starting time and walked down the street to the show. The show was encapsulated all along Armstrong Street in front of City Hall, and stretched into the parking lot. I’m guessing that they didn’t want to block of any more traffic than necessary. Even at the starting time, there was a good crowd already milling about. I think that most of the crowd at this point were the owners of the cars looking around to see what else was there.

It was obvious which cars got there early though, as they had nice spacing between them, but as time wore on it became clear that they were going to run out of space, so the organizers began bunching cars closer together. Unfortunate as this really limits your ability to really view the cars. Oh well.

When Tim and Terry alerted me as to their malady, I told them I would take pictures of every car so they could enjoy the show “virtually”. There as some 250 shots in the album and as usual, I’m only going to present a sprinkling of them in this post, with the remainder being here.

This was the first car on Armstrong off of Chain Bridge, a very nice Mercury Monterrey. I’m not a huge Mercury fan, but this one was nicely presented.

Once upon a time, I had a ’69 Camaro. Nothing as nice or as desirable as this one though. Z/28’s are amazing cars. The curious thing with this one were the odd exhaust pipes. I’ve always loved these wheels though. Understated elegance.

This ’51 Cunningham was parked in the City hall parking lot. I’m guessing they got there either really early or really late as it was parked literally in the lot entrance. It’s a fascinating car and I wish the engine had been on display.

The final car in the lot was this 1909 Buick. Over a hundred years old and still beautiful!

That’s all for now. Next time we’ll have a brief walk through the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival.