November 27, 2022

Labor Day Car Show in Fairfax

One of the pleasantries of living in the small college town of Fairfax, Virginia are the myriad of social events put on either by the city or GMU throughout the year. There is always something to see and do and it’s been areal treat being able to participate just by walking, no worries about parking and such.

This time around we’re visiting the annual Fairfax Labor Day Car show. I had had the opportunity to attend last year, so I was looking forward to this year’s presentation. The show has been presented for the last 23 years and is very well organized. If there wasa fault this year, there were a lot of cars and many were very close to the others limiting views. You can learn more about the show at

It’s a nice presentation as the weather is typically cooling down, making for a very pleasant walk through the cars.

This year, I had invited Tim and Ryan to come to the show, but unfortunately Ryan popped up ill at the last minute, so they were unable to attend. So, to provide them “side line seats” as it were, I decided to grab at least one picture of every vehicle at the show.

So, I grabbed the Fuji X-T2 with the XF10-24mmF4 R OIS and headed out.

Included below is a small fraction of the ~250 images I collected during my walk around the cars. The complete inventory can be seen here.

Entering into the Suntrust Parking lot, this was the first thing on my left. H’mmm, I thought, Scarlett would have looked very nice sitting next to this SC500.

The next grouping in the lot was a passel of very nice early Mustangs. I’m quite fond of these, and the cars were amazing.

Looping around, I came to this 66 GTO convertible. This car brought back a lot of memories as the neighborhood drug dealer drove one. This car had a black top where the neighborhood one had a white top. Nice car otherwise.

Continuing my walk around, this came into view. It was particularly interesting as a co-worker of mine recently bought one just like it. The owner was more than happy to point out all the flaws in the car as the previous owner had evidently resprayed it in red. LOL.

Continue my meanderings, I came across this ’69 Camaro. Once upon a time, I owned a ’69 Camaro, but nothing whatsover like this one. Beautiful car.

The most notable thing about this C7 Vette was the cleanliness. I’ve never seen a car as clean as this one. Absolutely immaculate.

This T-Bucket was interesting as you don’t often see them with hard tops like this one.

The unique part of this is the V-6 engine. Definitely different and nicely done. Seems like a driver rather than a show car.

This restomod was spectacular

And my favorite at the show. This ’67 Nova restomod. A thoroughly modern vehicle under the skin of a 50+ year old car.

I like to call this thing “The Beast”. OMG dude. Wowsers.

There were a couple of Model-A’s.

This truck was very nicely done.

This car was at the show last year. Always a head turner. Not certain I would want people all around it if it was mine 🙂

And nearly at the exit, this restomod. Again all very nice.

Like last year, I made it a point to be there at 9:00. By the time I was done walking around at 11:00 it was so crowded you could hardly walk around. In these post-COVID days, I like to keep that kind of stuff to a minimum.

Next time we’ll take a cruise through the Norfolk Navy Yard.