October 30, 2022


Today’s post will wrap up the Great Greek Tour of 2022. Much “greater” than expected, but I’m glad I went, and am wiser as a result. So there you go. I’m pretty certain Pam got tired of seeing me moping around like a dog without a home. So she proposed a trip to the Greek island of Spetsas. Available via a short ferry ride, it was a nice place off season. She indicated that during the “tourist” season Spetsas is very busy, very crowded and far less pleasurable to visit. We were there for most of the day and I took a lot of pictures on Spetsas. It’s very scenic….

October 23, 2022


So after the tumultuous series of events in Athens, there was nothing left to do but press onward. Digging in, what I found was conflicting and not completely clear on the path forward. The one thing that I found was that a “Letter of Recovery” from a doctor was required to board a flight back to the states. My flights had been changed to Wednesday the 30th, so there was nothing more to it than obsess over the situation. That’s one of the things I excel at, obsessing over things not in my control. Always been that way, not any better nowadays although I am better at not getting into…

September 25, 2022

March 25th

Friday, March 25th was to be a day of preparation to return to Virginia. My flights were booked for the next day, and the number one task was the COVID test necessary to reenter the United States. On Thursday I had asked the clerk at the hotel the best means of doing that and they said there was a service available to come to the hotel. It was a bit spend at 100 euro, but was, allegedly, very easy. The earliest appointment available on Friday was 1100, so I figured I would just have a leisurely sleep in, get my test and then go out and do the rest of…

September 18, 2022

Hop On….. Hop Off

Sung to the tune of Clap On …. Clap off…. If you are younger than about 50 you are looking at me like I’ve grown horns. What in the world are you talking about, idiot? For those curious, it was a commercial from the 1970’s where they were advertising a remote switch for your TV that activated when you clapped your hands. Simpler times, right? Anywho, today’s diatribe is about the Athens Hop-On, Hop Off (HoHo) bus. After Emilio and I finished our most excellent lunch and he departed for Kranidi, I walked over to the HoHo stop, paid my fee’s and then hopped on, of course. What else would…

September 11, 2022


After the Acropolis, Emilio and I set off in search of the Agora of Athens. We wandered around a bit, mostly as Emilio didn’t know exactly where it was and I think Agora is pronounced very differently in Greek than in the pseudo-English we were using as all we got in response to our queries as to it’s location were quizzical looks. Finally, we found someone who spoke better English than our pathetic Greek and pointed us in the right direction. It’s a beautiful place with lovely grounds, but Emilio wanted me to see the antiquities in the museum. After paying our entrance fees, and or course wearing our masks,…

September 4, 2022

The Acropolis

Emilio and I met in the hotel lobby at 8 o’clock to have breakfast. We claimed a table and went over to the food presentation, where I grabbed a plate, put on one of the cute little gloves supplied and then started putting food items on my plate. About halfway in the server gets well and fully in my face and asks “What are you doing?”. Um, “Getting breakfast?”, I replied wondering what was going on. He pointed to the small sign behind the serving table that guests were not allowed to handle food. Geeze, really? So I gave him my plate and he put the rest of my breakfast…