September 18, 2022

Hop On….. Hop Off

Sung to the tune of Clap On …. Clap off….

If you are younger than about 50 you are looking at me like I’ve grown horns. What in the world are you talking about, idiot? For those curious, it was a commercial from the 1970’s where they were advertising a remote switch for your TV that activated when you clapped your hands. Simpler times, right?

Anywho, today’s diatribe is about the Athens Hop-On, Hop Off (HoHo) bus. After Emilio and I finished our most excellent lunch and he departed for Kranidi, I walked over to the HoHo stop, paid my fee’s and then hopped on, of course. What else would you do?

I had bought the two day pass and thought I would simply do a complete circle of the route today, and tomorrow I would hop on, hop off, if you will.

As typical, they had an audio system you could listen to through some really cheap ear buds that they gave away. I could understand about half of it.

The official route is shown below:

This correlates pretty well with the route that Google Maps created for my ride:

So, fair enough. I got on the route at A4 in the HoHo map, and went around. Starting at the Acropolis,

Leaving the Acropolis, we passed the Botanical Gardens, more about that next time,

And then made our way past the Parliament Building

Around the back of the Parliament Building,

And to the Zappio,

Completely around the Botanical Gardens,

And onward to the university,

The National Library was next,

And then to the National Archeological Museum that we had visited the day before.

And then back around to the Acropolis area.

I continued around, again with the hope of departing the bus closer to the hotel.

With a final view of the Acropolis from the other side.

Following all that, I made my way back to the hotel. I was feeling a bit tuckered out, so I got lazy and ordered food delivered.

Next time, the final Athens adventure!