September 11, 2022


After the Acropolis, Emilio and I set off in search of the Agora of Athens. We wandered around a bit, mostly as Emilio didn’t know exactly where it was and I think Agora is pronounced very differently in Greek than in the pseudo-English we were using as all we got in response to our queries as to it’s location were quizzical looks. Finally, we found someone who spoke better English than our pathetic Greek and pointed us in the right direction.

It’s a beautiful place with lovely grounds, but Emilio wanted me to see the antiquities in the museum. After paying our entrance fees, and or course wearing our masks, we entered the grounds. We entered through a side door and made our way inside. Not the fanciest place in the world, this definitely isn’t the British Museum.

Wandering around a bit, we were presented with sculptures with the same interesting qualities, penis’ galore. H’mmm.

Dunno why, but Emilio decided I should take his photograph in front of this statue. Only one of them has their penis exposed…..

The displays were minimal, so we headed toward the door, and outside where we made our acquaintance with this distinguished gentleman.

He was there with a plethora of others in the outside promenade. No penis’ out here though. Inside only?

Walking around the grounds for a bit, we headed toward the exit as it was time for lunch and both of us were hungry.

Leaving the Agora, I recognized the area, and told Emilio I knew where to go for lunch. We were headed toward Bairaktaris Central.

In case you need help, here is a map!:

If I seem a bit enthusiastic about Bairaktaris Central, I am. We were greeted warmly when we strolled up, and seated at a lovely table outside. They could not have been more pleasant. I ordered Tzatziki and a Greek Salad, and Emilio got the roast pork plate. We ordered a large bottle of water and a carafe of house red wine.

When I asked the waiter if the Tzatziki came with pita, he replied “of course” with a quizzical look on his face. 🙂

The food was served, and it was marvelous. I’ve come to love Greek food, and this was exactly what I was hoping for. Nothing fancy, but good, fresh and tasty.

We enjoyed our lunch, drank our wine and then Emilio bid adieu. He was going to catch the afternoon bus back to Kranidi, so he needed to be on his way. We said our goodbyes, not knowing that we would be seeing each other again in just one short day. More later on that.

I sat for a while and made my way to the stop for the Hop-On Hop-Off bus.

We’ll talk more about that next time,