October 30, 2022


Today’s post will wrap up the Great Greek Tour of 2022. Much “greater” than expected, but I’m glad I went, and am wiser as a result. So there you go.

I’m pretty certain Pam got tired of seeing me moping around like a dog without a home. So she proposed a trip to the Greek island of Spetsas. Available via a short ferry ride, it was a nice place off season. She indicated that during the “tourist” season Spetsas is very busy, very crowded and far less pleasurable to visit.

We were there for most of the day and I took a lot of pictures on Spetsas. It’s very scenic. After culling and editing there are still 157 images worthy of note. To keep this from getting out of hand, I’m going to just post a couple here with the remainder available here. The effort in the future will be the same. A blog with a sprinkling of images with good descriptive text, linked to a static page with the bulk of the imagery. This blog is “supposed” to be to help me hone my writing skills, and dumping a gazillion pictures with no text isn’t doing anyone any favors.’

So we arrived at Kosta Argolida, parked the car and headed out to the dock. It was a beautiful Greek day, with pleasant temperatures and a light sprinkling of clouds. Virtually idea weather.

We had a few minutes before the scheduled (?) so I took the opportunity to walk around a bit and look around. As virtually everywhere in Greece, the scenery is absolutely spectacular.

Looking out over the quay, this was what greeted me. Amazing.

Coming back to the “office”, which was nothing more than a travel trailer, Pam had gotten herself a coffee and was ever so enthralled to have her picture taken. Smile dahlin’!

Luckily for me the ferry made it’s appearance.

As everywhere in Greece, you have to show your vaccination card and be fully mask wearing, or no admittance. After the “inspection” and paying my 8 euro, we boarded the ferry and found nice seats outside on the starboard (right) side. Like most other mass transit carriers, every other seat was blocked off to enforce “social distancing”.

Departing the dock more beautiful Greek shore side greeted us. It’s easy to see why the place is so popular.

A water taxi paralleled us for a bit as we departed from the dock. Pam indicated that we would have to take the water taxi back to Kosta as the ferry didn’t run after 2:00 p.m. Finding that a bit weird I wondered aloud if it was to create business for the water taxi’s. She couldn’t disagree….

The trip across is short, some 20 minutes or so, but the view across to Spetsas is wonderful.

And this is where all the water taxi’s wait for their next customer.

Departing the ferry, we walked the short distance into town. Pam wanted to get a bite to eat and knew a restaurant on this alleyway.

Looking between the building, the ever present view.

The Taverna. Every time I see a Taverna sign, I chuckle to myself as a friend of mine is named Paul Taverna. Paul hopefully you are seeing this. Give my regards to the family. I’m thinking of y’all.

After a quick bite, we meandered off to the north side of the island.

I had to laugh when I saw this. Ever so Greek.

Continuing our exploration, this boat/seat provided a bit of decoration for this homeowner.

Making our way around, and back toward the coast.

We came across this house.

And of course I’ve got a thing for doors. I consider them windows into the soul of the occupant of the house.

Continuing on

More seaside homes.

At the far end we encountered the boat yards. Lot’s of personally owned boats here in various states of repair. It’s early in the season yet, so there is still time to get repairs done before the big push.

Moving past the service yards, the view returned. Many, many more shots to see check out Spetsas Photos.

Got a glimpse of this happy family taking a carriage ride on the road along the sea wall.

And finally heading back to the area where we docked.

We met up with Pam’s friend Giavanna, and walked toward the south end of the island for the dinner we had planned.

After an amazing meal, we split up agreeing to meet at the ferry landing later. The ladies wanted to do some shopping, and I wanted to grab as many images as possible.

The sun was setting and I wanted to grab some shots with the sun behind the building. This is the office of the local government of the island.

In my favorite photo website, Cameraderie, this sun behind thing is called “Contre-Jour”. It’s basically a technique for blown out highlights, the sun obviously, with the rest of the image properly exposed. Funny part is I had no idea about this technique when I took the shots.

Moving past the Government offices, I headed back toward the dock area.

More “Contre-Jour”…

Heading out onto the quay, I wanted to get some shots of the ferry we came in on.

As it wasn’t time to meet up with the ladies, I kept walking out on the sea wall.

And back to meet the ladies.

We boarded one of the water taxi’s and headed back to Kosta for the end of the day. We picked up some takeout and went back to the villa for a nice dinner with Emilio.

I did a screen grab of Google Map’s timeline of our walking tour in Spetsas that day. It says we walked 4.8 miles. It was a goodly distance, don’t really think it was 4.8 miles.

That’s the end of Chris’ Greek Adventure. I think we have beaten this one well and fully to death at this juncture. It was quite and adventure.

Next time we’ll have a look at the 4th of July Parade in Fairfax, VA.

Take care now.