January 10, 2021

Keeping up with the resolutions

One of the resolutions I published last week was to more actively post here on the blog.


As mentioned last time, Melanie and I have decided to sell the house that we have owned since we moved to Northern Virginia in 2007. So yesterday we began the process by starting to organize what stays, what goes, etc. We have five categories:

  • Orange – Not certain at this juncture
  • Blue – Short term storage (during the sale)
  • Yellow – Long term storage
  • Green – Donate to charitable organizations (Restore, GoodWill, etc)
  • Pink – Stay in the house for staging

Two bedrooms were subjected to this process yesterday afternoon (the simplest, natch) and the results were encouraging. Today we will be rearranging the rooms into the final, staged, configuration.

Some time back I had loaned one of my tablesaws to a co-worker. This is what it looked like when I had it in the basement:

My daughter’s partner has been assembling a wood workshop in his half of the garage, so I asked him if he wanted the saw, and of course “yes” was the answer. The saw was retrieved from my coworker, and we assembled most of it yesterday in the garage.

What I “thought” would be an hour or so was about 4 hours, and we aren’t done. One of the crucial parts of the fence had been left behind so I’ll need to go back and finish the assembly. I’ll grab some pictures when that’s done.

We did get it to a point where it’s functional and it still cuts just fine. It will need a final tune up, but it was rewarding to spin it up and cut some wood with it before we darted my daughter’s house.

On the photography front, BestBuy had new old stock Fuji X-Pro2 on sale, and Santa Claus was kind enough to leave one under the tree:

I’ve played a bit with it a this juncture and gotten it configured to my desires, which was no small effort. The change in the controls and capability are such that I will be selling the existing X-Pro1 and X-T1 and then using the funds to acquire an X-T2 as it was introduced about the same time as the X-Pro2. A summary interweb review indicates the two cameras have significant similarities in control. One of the major issues with the X-Pro1 vs the X-T1 is the difference in control menus. There is no similarity whatsoever which makes it a bit challenging. The goal is to reduce the need for menu grazing and maximizing the efficiency in taking photos.

Both my version of LightRoom (v6.14) and Capture One (v12.1) support the X-Pro2 and the XT-2 so I can make the transition without a significant disruption of my workflow. That’s a huge plus.

The goal is to post something here on a weekly basis henceforth. The primary focus of the website is intended to highlight my photography, but as there is little of that ongoing, I’ll just document our lives to fill in.

Until next time…..

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