January 30, 2022

Chattanooga, Part 1

Before we get started, a couple of amendments to the last post. In addition to the Fuji X-T2 and triumvirate of lenses discussed last time, I had also packed the Fuji X-Pro2 with the XF35mm f1.4, and a XF18mm f2.0 in the bag: With that out of the way, we can continue our birthday present tale; After arriving at the Chattnoogan, we crashed into the room, fell into bed and had a very sound sleep. In the morning after waking around 9, I called the front desk to see what time breakfast was served. Breakfast was served until 10, so after the obligatory morning yoga practice, I headed down to…

July 5, 2021

4th of July in Fairfax City

In the spring we moved to a townhouse in Fairfax City, VA after selling our long time home in Reston. Scroll back a few posts and you can read all the gory details. With the summer season firmly among us, we have been having the opportunity to get familiar with Fairfax City, and it’s becoming a very comfortable place for us. We wound here by shear happenstance, but I’ll take serendipity whenever I can get it. Fairfax City has proven, to me at least, to be a small town jammed into a large metropolitan area. In doing so, it’s managed to keep it’s character and the feel is very warm….

June 20, 2021

Happy Fathers Day!

Good morning and Happy Father’s Day to all. Fatherhood has been an amazing thing. Long ago and far away, there was a quiet confidence that Fatherhood was simply not in the cards for me. Dunno why that conclusion was reached, but for many years it was so. Until, of course, it actually happened. Quite by accident, but when it was announced that Fatherhood was in my immediate future, it was met with a response of happiness and terror. The blessed event came and went, and my life as it was known, ceased to exist. And thank goodness for that. Having children in my life, now two of them, has been…