March 6, 2022

Final Photographic Post for 2021

This is not a New Year “summary” as we did that back a couple of months ago…. On New Years Day actually.

This is the last set of pictures from the archive of 2021.

Meghan and Jourdan came to the house on New Years Eve, and we decided to walk into old town Fairfax for a bite of lunch. So the trusty Fuji X100f came along for the ride (walk).

We strolled up Chain Bridge and then turned on Main St. headed North-ish. The Havabite Eatery was right there, so we stopped in for a bite. Can’t give strong recommendations. Basically just frozen food prepared okay.

Anyway, after lunch we kind of just ambled around so it was a good opportunity to grab some shots. These are just a couple, the whole “shebang” can be seen here.

You can see, I like doors. Don’t ask me why. They tend to be a portal into the soul of the building and it’s occupant. Oh oh, were headed off the deep end doobs, come back to reality….

Anyway, I won’t be posting for a bit as I’m off to England and Greece next week. I can promise you a plethora of photographic fun from that adventure.

So, prolly won’t be anything new until the end of March.