February 13, 2022

Busy, busy

This will be a short post today as the weekend has already been chock a block with activity, and isn’t over.

First of all, a shout out goes to Tim and Terry, who came a couple of weeks ago for a nice supper of Chicken Cacciatore to bring us some mail for Stefani and Jourdan. We had a lovely time guys. Really. It’s so nice being able to chit chat with people of your own age group. Let’s do this again very soon!

Anyway, the reason they brought us the mail was I was planning on driving to Greensboro the following week, and was going to take the Mazda, which Stefani and Jourdan had left with us when they came for Christmas. I drove the car down on Tuesday morning, had all my various meetings and such in Greensboro, and then met the kids at their AirBnB in Durham. We had a nice dinner at Viceroy and then they dropped me off at the airport, where I caught a short flight home. Worked out well for everyone.

This was the first time I’ve flown post pandemic. I won’t lie, I was more than a little uncomfortable with the entire process. The good news is, it all worked out, so I’m just being a bit paranoid. I’m probably going to have to go to Fort Worth to visit a fabricator shortly, so I will have firmly gotten “back on the horse” so to speak.

Adding to the flying hysteria, I’ve booked a trip, first to London for Oceanology, and then to Athens, to see my cousin Pam who lives in Porto Heli, Greece, a couple of hours West of Athens. This is a trip we had scheduled in the Spring of 2020, but we all know what happened then… Unfortunately, Melanie isn’t feeling up to the trip, so I’ll be going alone. There will be plenty of images captured, be certain.

Yesterday, Melanie and I travelled down to Williamsburg to look at a 5 houses for sale. We were very interested in 2 of them, which is very exciting, but have decided not to make offers on either. Just not quite what we are looking for. There seems to be a lot more listings popping up in the last week or so. That is very encouraging news. A previous realtor described us as “discerning” when we were dealing with her some 15 years ago. We definitely haven’t gotten any less “discerning”…

Saying that, I suspect we’ll be driving down to Williamsburg on a weekly basis for a while. I’ll try to keep up with the blog, and there are tons of photos to share, but you never know.


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