December 24, 2019

woo hoo! three in one day

My workflow is firming up and I’m getting very comfortable with it.

I’ve combined the information presented at dpReview in Fcracer’s thread about C1 workflow/post processing with Ian York’s thread about session management into the cornerstone of my Capture One workflow.

My workflow is now designated into two different steps:

1) Ingest and post processing – Per your information, I create a session on a Samsung EVO USB drive using a file session template. It’s set up in a very similar fashion to Ian’s patterned after my photo folder arrangement on my NAS box. The images are imported from the SD card to the sesion folder on the SSD.

Once ingested, I go through the Capture folder and move the keepers to the Session folder. I never throw any images away as storage space is dirt cheap, but I definitely like separating the wheat from the chaff if you will.

The keepers are given stars based on the quality and anything with three stars or over is relegated for further post processing. Then fcracers’ workflow is put into place and it works very nicely.

The images destined for further usage are processed using an appropriate recipe in C1 and placed in the output folder in an appropriate sub folder.

2) Cataloging – Once I’ve gone through the first phase, and all is done, I copy the session folder to my NAS box into the appropriate subfolder. Then I import the session into my main Capture One catalog for archival purposes.

This has taken me a while to work through and it provides me the optimum workflow. A majority of the PP’ing work is done locally on my Dell XPS 13 laptop (albeit on a USB driver) and thus is not impacted by wireless network speeds. Once done, the SSD is copied to my NAS with my desktop which has a Gb ethernet connection so it’s quite speedy. I can also synchronize this with my LR catalog, but I’m thinking there will be less and less need for that.

It was exercised just this morning as I did part one while sitting at the kitchen table after a ham and eggs breakfast 

Thanks to Fcracer and Ian York for their help!

Hopefully, I’ll be posting some imagery in the future.