May 14, 2022

Regent’s Park

After a hearty English breakfast at the Melia White House, I poked my head outside to get a feel for the weather in ‘ye Old London. Ich. Cold, damp, rainy, dreary. Welcome to London….

Not to fear, I’ll do the various museums today and stay inside, mostly.

Firing up the handy tablet I find that our friend Mr. COVID has driven another interesting perturbation into the London tourist experience. Booking times for museums. No booking, no entrance. Yippie ki yay.

It was Sunday morning and and open bookings amongst the desirable venues was not be found. Great. Plan B.

The hotel is literally next to Regents Park, so, donning my trusty NorthFace Renewable Jacket, I ventured forth.

The weather started out poor and deteriorated as the time elapsed. The park is very large and not feeling particularly energetic, I only walked the southern side of it, from the hotel headed easterly.

The images below are but a couple of the shots made that day. If you would like to see all of them: Click Here!

It’s a block or so through the neighborhood to the entrance nearest the hotel, heading down this lovely little pathway to the park entrance.

Continuing down the walkway, the main entrance gates made their grand presence known.

Continuing my exploration, ponds and gardens emerged. Unfortunately the weather had not yet warmed up enough to bring forth the spring flowers in any quantity.

Getting nearer the center of the park was this arrangement. I bet this is glorious once the flowers are all in bloom!

And finally, the exit gate on the Eastern Side of the park. By this point I was wet and cold and looking for someplace to take shelter from the miserable weather.

Headed out of the park into Marylebone, there is a nice series of green space where there were some folks gathered for birthday celebrations and such. Also there were a smattering of daffodils eager to enjoy the spring weather.

On the way out of the park with the amazing homes overlooking the lake.

This guy called out to me and asked “Would you please take my photograph?” Of course, I gladly obliged as he was very regal in all his presence.

And with that I headed out of the park.

Next time, we will visit the home of the world’s most famous detective!