July 31, 2022


So after my most wonderful day in London, the next day, I got up early-early and caught a Uber to Heathrow. The only good part of traveling at this ungodly hour is traffic in London is very light, unlike the trip when I arrived.

Was fairly early getting to Heathrow, and being the ugly American that I am, I thought nothing of getting in the security line without removing all my toiletries and such. I’ve been a TSA Pre-Check forever and don’t even think about this kind of thing going to security.

So, I got an up-close and personal meeting with a Heathrow inspector. I got the same one for my physical inspection as well as my baggage inspection. I’ll give the gentleman credit, he was very nice and professional. It was a good thing I was early as this all took about 20 minutes. Teach me…

So, I’m sitting in the waiting area and it dawned on me that as I hadn’t seen my cousin Pam since she got married back in the 80’s, I should probably send her a picture so as she has some idea of who she is waiting for at the ariport.

So, whipping out the trusty Pixel 3aXL, I snapped this beauty:

It’s painfully obvious that I’m not going to be an award winning cellphone photographer, but there you go.

Pam was easy to pick out, even with a mask and hat as she looks exactly as I remember her mom looking many years ago. If she’s reading this, I’m sure this horrifies her, but there it is.

Anyway, it’s about a 3 hour car ride from the Athens Airport to her house near Kranidi on the Kolpos Idras. The time went quickly as we had years for family talk to catch up on. I had had a bit of sniffles and a cough since the previous Thursday, and this came to Greece with me. It was, evidently, a harbinger of things to come.

Anyway we got to her Villa around 5 p.m. I made my way upstairs to the guest suite and unpacked in preparation for dinner. The one thing I noticed is was freakishly cold here, colder than London. What’s up wit’ dat’?

We went to dinner a nice little family restaurant and had a bunch of plates of different types of items from fish, to calamari, and a plethora of amazingly fresh local vegetables. We were the only real customers in the place, with the remainder of the patrons being a relative of the owner is some shape or form.

After dinner we headed back to the villa, and I went upstairs to go to bed as I was tired after a long day. After calling Melanie, I turned on the heater (more about that later) and went to bed.

We had a busy couple of days ahead, and I went to sleep with adventures in mind that night.