February 14, 2021

Exit Right

Sorry I missed last weekend. Really no excuse as we weren’t doing much. So after the last entry was posted the Agent called on Sunday night to ask if we could move the listing of the house up from February 10th to February 4th. Melanie and I had jumped through our ears getting the house ready for photos, so it was in pretty good shape, mostly. I told the Realtor that there were a couple of little things to attend to, but the house looked pretty good. He relayed that the level of interest in the house was tremendous and he was wanting not to miss it, so we agreed….

January 31, 2021

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes…..

So two weeks ago we met with a realtor to discuss putting the house up for sale. It’s odd, as this guy’s card showed up in the mail a couple of days before, and on a whim we decided that Melanie would give him a call. He came in and made all the right noises and said all the right things, and we signed. The house will officially be listed for sale on February 10. To get to that point would be a herculean effort, but when things come together it’s time for action. Before he left, the agent made a comment that he had no idea what he was…