June 12, 2022

Boppin’ around London Town…

My lovely tour of St. Pauls’ lasted until mid-afternoon. I had had a very large breakfast at the Melia’, so didn’t see the need for lunch. I decided, that since I had another unused pass to the Eye, I would see if I could use it up. Like I said, I’m a sucker for the Eye….

Taking the metro to the Westminister Station, I headed across the Westminister Bridge toward the Eye. Here is a summary of the day’s meanderings:

It was mid-afternoon, there was virtually no one there and they gladly accepted my remaining pass. As I had ridden just the day before, I decided just to be a sightseer and enjoy the view. There was a group of women in the car with me that was taking all sorts of selfies and such and insisted that I join the fray. It was all in good fun and I got a number of selfies, but I’m not going to post those here….

It was a pleasant ride, but the weather had come in and it was raining rather hard when the ride was completed To the point where I had to duck into the pedestrian crossing under the Westminister Bridge as I was worried about the camera getting wet. A little rain doesn’t worry me too much, but this was much more than that. I wasn’t the only one taking refuge.

The deluge lasted about 30 minutes, and finally it was dry enough to head out. I decided to meander around a bit before heading back to the hotel. You can get a feel by looking at the map above.

It was dark, gloomy and damp, some of my favorite photo conditions.

There aren’t too many, so I’ll post them here without any narrative. I’m a bit rushed for time this morning. Tim and Terry are coming over for Brunch and I gotta get cookin’….

Again, many of these would have benefitted from a wider angle lens. So if you are planning a trip to London, bring your UWA! You should be able to click on these to get a bigger image.

Next time, we will condense a couple of days, as Oceanology was starting and there wasn’t a lot of time to touristy things, although I did sneak in one interesting experience…